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Evening all! This is the website of screenwriter, dialogue "flirting" consultant, playwright, poet, script reader, singer, lecturer, producer, composer and massive show off, Sandy Nicholson.

I’m the head writer at Box Room Films, I’ve been working as a television writer and dialogue consultant for five years, and I was nominated for the 2013 Peter Ustinov Prize by the International Emmy Awards Foundation.

I also run the London based script feedback group Kites and Violence for any writers looking to get honest, thorough feedback on their work. It's a great place to get your work read by actors, get feedback and meet other writers and directors.

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We live in a golden age of television, but for all the great stuff being made, the thing we seem to be leaving behind is a sense of joy. I love Breaking Bad and just like everyone does, but what I miss is jumping to my feet. So started work on this script because I wanted to write something that was darkly absurd enough to stand out, but still fundamentally built around the idea of joy.

A chronically anxious private detective and his team of troublemakers attempt to solve crimes using his unique gift. He can turn the world into a musical.

Taking the crime drama formula and giving it an injection of the ridiculous, Canaries is the story of Charlie, a broken, nervous private detective who can turn the world into a musical by clapping four times. Anyone hearing this begins to sing whatever is in their heart at the time, and Charlie and his team must examine the songs for information to help them solve the mysteries.

But the power isn’t limitless. It only works once per person, and worse, it’s incredibly difficult to control, spreading from person to person and changing the rules of reality as it goes, conjuring instruments, lowering inhibitions and creating the kind of unimaginable chaos that only precision choreography can bring forth.

Each episode follows the team as they use the songs as a jumping off point to solve a crime, but then also have to clean up the mess they caused by trying to solve the crime, all while fighting to ensure the secret of Charlie’s power never goes public.

While certainly a light-hearted and silly approach to the genre, the show will not shy away from complicated emotional relationships between the team, focussing on jealously, loneliness and the drive for relevance in an increasingly complicated world.

Overall, the series will focus on very naturalistic reactions to extremely unnatural events, and tell a fun, surreal but intricate story about learning to deal with a changing world.