Sandy Nicholson

"The Dean Martin of UK Scriptwriting" - A Flattering but Confused Reviewer

Evening all! This is the website of screenwriter, dialogue "flirting" consultant, playwright, poet, script reader, singer, lecturer, producer, composer and massive show off, Sandy Nicholson.

I’m the head writer at Box Room Films, I’ve been working as a television writer and dialogue consultant for five years, and I was nominated for the 2013 Peter Ustinov Prize by the International Emmy Awards Foundation.

I also run the London based script feedback group Kites and Violence for any writers looking to get honest, thorough feedback on their work. It's a great place to get your work read by actors, get feedback and meet other writers and directors.

If you're interested in any of the services I offer, any of my projects, Box Room Films or Kites and Violence, all that info is around this site, or you can get in touch via email or on twitter if you want to say hi.

Enjoy yourselves,


Kites and Vilolence

Kites and Violence is the angry people's writing group! We're a Central London based group of actors and writers, who perform script readings in front of an audience, and then give our feedback.

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If you’re an upcoming writer wanting to share your work, get feedback and network with other people in the industry, there are plenty of groups you can go to who will be warm, supportive and inspiring. Over here, we don’t have any problem with those groups, and recognise their importance. We just choose to not be one of them. Kites and Violence is a writing group for the people wanting to get serious, who aren't afraid to be told that something isn't working. We're passionate about great things, and we're eager to find them, but our aim is to tell you what we think without worrying about hurting your feelings, because we believe that you have what it takes to listen and agree or disagree.

Work sent in will be workshopped as rehearsed readings, bringing actors in to help bring your work to life wherever possible. After that, we’ll talk about the what we’ve seen, ask questions, and most importantly give a critique of it.

Of course the sessions will be great fun, and feedback will always be supportive, nobody here is trying to hurt your feelings or get you to quit. However, it will also be in depth and honest, and if something’s not working then we want to be the people who tell you to your face.

My name is Sandy Nicholson, and I believe that good writers don’t want to be congratulated for getting up in the morning or for just being themselves, I believe they want to know how to get better, and to surround themselves with people who want to help them. So I started this group.

I’ll be perfectly clear. I’m not someone at the top of the ladder, I've only just started. I've been a head writer on a television series, I've written feature fiIms, and I'm a freelance dialogue consultant. More than that though, I’m just someone who only started getting anywhere when I found people who were willing to be frank with me, and I want to offer the same thing to others.

So if you’re a writer and this sounds good to you, or if you’re an actor looking to meet writers who are serious about their craft, get in touch at and come along.